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Iron Xin Ying – “China’s LGBT Community – Support and Challenges”.

Beijing Community Dinner Series presents: Iron Xin Ying – “China’s LGBT Community – Support and Challenges”

Time: Saturday, September 10th, 2016 @ 7 pm

Location: LGBT Center Rm 2606, Bldg B, Xintiandi Plaza, 1 Xibahe Nanlu Jia, Chaoyang District Chaoyang District 北京市朝阳区西坝河南路甲1号新天第大厦 B 座2606室

Cost: Approx. 50-100 RMB


Homosexuality is still a sensitive topic in China, where traditional family values are strongly ingrained. In 2015, China ranked 91st globally for gender equality. According to a study under the UN Development Program, only 5% of China’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) population is open about their sexual or gender identity at school or work, with 17% open to their families. This is just one statistic among many.

Join us on September 10th to understand more about what is being done in Beijing and across China to address some the issues, stigmas, perceptions and biases that the society and people we care about are going through.

This event will be held in English

Chinese Education: “Developing the Whole Child” – can it be done through China’s current educational system?

Time: Friday August 26th, 2015 @ 7 pm

Location: 一坐一忘丽江主题餐厅(工体店) Yizuo Yiwang, 工人体育场北路21号 屯三里永利国际大厦Gongti Yongli International Complex, Workers Stadium North Street 21 (Gongren Tiyuchang Beilu 21) Reservations under: Lin 林


Description: The JUMP! Foundation, on August 26th, will tell us about 10 years of challenges and triumphs operating in China.The foundation team will discuss how global methodologies and thought leadership have affected public education in China and to what extent these new “western” approaches to education have been helped or hindered.

“We don’t believe our children are being fully developed.” Many people are jaded today about the standard education system’s success in China. The evening offers all of us an opportunity to understand what can be done. The foundation has worked with more than 15,000 people on four continents since its creation in Beijing in 2006, initially offering a youth leadership programme which has since evolved into a successful platform to inspire and empower youth to become community leaders through “experiential education”. With its extensive experience in outreach – working with countless global partners around the world – Jump! will help us see how a mission to bring whole child development to disadvantaged youth throughout China is making a difference

BCD Speakers Series Presents — Lisa Qin: The Left behind Children of China

Date: Saturday November 21st Time: 7:00 PM

Location: 天厨妙香素食馆(朝外店)

Address: 朝阳区 朝阳门外大街乙6号 朝外SOHO大厦D座2层-0260号 朝外SOHO全部店铺


China has around 61 million children whose parents have migrated to a city to find work and left them in rural areas with a relative or on their own.  Some of these girls and boys who are left behind do not receive sufficient emotional support or live with limited household income that hinders access to education and other services, and are often at greater risk of injury, human trafficking, violence, abuse or neglect. Social and emotional learning is the process, through which children acquire knowledge, attitudes and skills to recognize and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, demonstrate care and concern for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle interpersonal situations effectively. Lisa Qin will talk about the social and emotional learning for China’s ‘left-behind’ children and how the social and emotional learning can help them?

About the Speaker: Lisa Qin is a consultant in China to UNICEF and the Asian Development Bank.  She is an Australian-qualified lawyer and teacher with international experience spanning development, teaching, law and auditing.  Lisa holds a Master of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Master of Teaching from the University of Melbourne.  Her focus is on addressing educational disadvantage to improve outcomes for children. About the organization:UNICEF promotes the rights and well-being of every child, in everything we do. Together with our partners, we work in 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere.

BCD Speakers Series Presents – Rural Development: the Difficulties of Working in Another Universe

Date: Saturday November 14th, 2015
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: The Vegan Hut
Address: Room 0912, 2nd floor, Bldg 9, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District
Address in Chinese: 北京朝阳区建外 soho 9 号楼2层 9213 商铺.
Reservation under: Laura
Please RSVP:
Event description

A lot of problems arise from rural developments in China. Most of them are not expected. Only 10% of the issues faced are technical, while the vast majority stem from social and cultural differences. Jason Lee will speak about the major issues that arise and how to address them.

About the Speaker

Jason cofounded RISE while doing his master’s at Tsinghua University. He is now working at the Tsinghua University Centre for Circular Economy Research, while trying to expand RISE to other universities across China.

About the organization

RISE was founded in 2011 as a student organization in Tsinghua University. We consist of both graduate and undergraduate students, primarily from Tsinghua’s School of Environment. The goal of the organization is to promote rural development within the university. At the same time, it provides a forum for students to interact and acquire hands-on experience working towards developing rural China. Our first project was in the field of clean water and sanitation. Altogether, we have worked with numerous villages and distributed over 1500 low-cost water filters in Ningxia, Shanxi and Gansu.

Xiaojie Qin – The taboo of depression and bi-polar disorder in China

Community Dinners Speaker series presents Xiaojie Qin – The taboo of depression and bi-polar disorder in China.

DATE Saturday, October 31st, 2015
TIME: 7:00 P.M
ADDRESS: 朝阳区 东三里屯东二街中8楼(3.3大厦对面胡同80米) 中8楼(三里屯总店)
                                                                                                                                                           Event details
The lack of awareness of depression and bi-polar disorder brings much social stigma, as well as insufficient social support to people with such conditions. It is considered to be a very sensitive subject, uncomfortable and even taboo. Xiaojie will be covering the topics of  depression and bi-polar disorder, answering the following questions:
1. What is bi polar disorder?
2. What are the factors related to bi-polar disorder and depression?
3.What are the common interventions available for dealing with it
                                                                                                                                                                   About the Speaker
Xiaojie has been working in the non-profit sector in children focused international NGOs. Currently, she’s leading the function of Monitoring and Evaluation in an INGO for China Program based in Beijing, China. She is a compassionate young lady who has been struggling with mental illness for 10 years. Throughout her experience of dealing with mental illness as a local Beijing resident she found that mental health issues were greatly ignored, and social support and information resources were limited.

About CandleX
CandleX was created on the 1st of April 2015 in Beijing by Xiaojie Qin. CandleX has the overall objective of preventing the general public from developing ental illness and improving conditions for those who are mildly depressed. Using both English (primary) and Chinese (secondary), we aim for creating a community based mental health platform able to provide mental health support to targeted groups (English speaking locals, expats) who are prone to, and/or suffering from mild mental illness, with a focus on depression and bi-polar disorder.

BCD Speaker Series – Exploited women: How hope can be restored through socially responsible business

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2015

Location: 一坐一忘丽江主题餐厅(三里屯店<朝阳区 三里屯北小街1号(德国使馆 /婕妮路超市/)

Yi Zuo Yi Wang Lijiang-themed Restaurant (Sanlitun branch), Chaoyang District, Sanlitun Bei Xiao Jie 1 (next to the German Embassy and Jenny Lou’s)

Reservations under: Lin 林

Can exploited women get out of the cycle of exploitation? What is it like in China for these women and what can be done? How is their story different from stories of other women in different countries?

Join Becca Bunch, the Communications Director of Starfish Project, this Saturday night to hear about the transformations and challenges that women in China have faced and what they have done to restore hope.

About the speaker: Becca Bunch is the Communications Director of Starfish Project, a social enterprise dedicated to restoring hope to exploited women in Asia. Becca graduated from Bethel College with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology.

About the organization: The Starfish Project is a socially responsible business, which designs, manufactures, and sells jewelry, which provides alternative employment for women who have been trapped in exploitation. After successfully developing the business model and holistic care program, Starfish Project is expanding into other cities in order to help even more women. As of 2013, the Project now operates and offers employment and care to exploited women in 3 different cities in Asia. Starfish Project is committed to restoring hope for each woman who enters its doors.

BCD Speaker Series Presents: Technology, the silver bullet in education?

Time: September 12th, 7 pm

Location: A Wang Asian Kitchen
朝阳区 东三环中路7号财富金融中心(FFC)B1层B111
Dongsanhuan zhonglu 7 B1 unit B111

Reservation under: Grace Lee
Please RSVP at:

Most of what we do today is via technology—we send WeChats to our friends, we buy what we need online from Taobao or Amazon, and almost all of our business is done through emailing – but what about how we learn?

Meredith Karazin, the co-founder and Managing Director of LearnLab /光合空间, answer some interesting questions at this BCD about education technology in China such as:

– What does the education innovation landscape in China look like?
– Is technology the silver bullet in education? How will it change opportunity?
– What are the hot companies in education technology in China and what are the future trends?


Meredith Karazin is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of LearnLab /光合空. • Meredith has 10+ years of education and non-profit experience in the US and China, including:
• COO of Teach For China, a non-profit that expands educational equity in China, during a period of four-fold organizational growth.
• Former strategy consultant, independently and at The Bridgespan Group (a spin-off of Bain & Company), and consulted for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

LearnLab / 光合空间 is a new education-tech community and accelerator program that helps entrepreneurs transform education for all learners. The LearnLab accelerator program is available for early-stage education tech companies and provides a set of resources to increase entrepreneurs’ success.





BCD Movie Night – Growing Change

Want to watch interesting documentaries with interesting people who want to learn more about the world around us? Join BCD at their regular monthly Movie Night.

On Friday, September 4th, BCD will be screening Growing Change, a documentary that looks at one of the most exciting experiments in the world to grow a fair and sustainable food system.

Growing Change follows the filmmaker’s journey to understand why current food systems leave hundreds of millions of people in hunger. It’s a journey to understand how the world will feed itself in the future in the face of major environmental challenges.

The documentary begins with an investigation of the 2008 global food crisis, looking at the long-term underlying causes. Will expanding large-scale, energy-intensive agriculture, be the solution or re problems? If we already produce enough food to feed the world why do so many people go hungry?

After hearing about efforts in Venezuela to develop a more equitable and sustainable food and agriculture system, the filmmaker heads there to see if it’s working and find out what we might be able to learn from this giant experiment.

Date: Friday September 4th

Time: 7:30 P.M. – 9:30 P.M

Location: The Bookworm

Address: Building 4, South Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing100027, P.R China

Cost: Free


Feng Yuan, from the Anti-Domestic Violence Network, speaks about Chinese women’s activism since the 1995 UN Conference on Women in Beijing

Saturday, August 15th, 2015 @ 7 pm

Location: Fei Teng Yu Xiang Sichuan Restaurant 沸腾鱼乡           Address: 1 Workers’ Stadium N Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China, 工体北里1号华通新饭店内


Event description:

Domestic Violence Network (DVN) is a Chinese women’s NGO that has emerged in response to the transnational women’s human rights movement against violence against women

Feng Yuan will be talking about Chinese women’s activism after 1995 UN Conference on Women in Beijing.The feminism made strides for many years when other types of political discourse was discouraged. But now the government is methodically isolating independent voices.

Speakers Bio:

Yuan Feng actively advocates women’s rights. Yuan is the director of Combating Domestic Violence against Women and a leading figure of Gender and Development (GAD) group in China. Originally from remote Sichuan province, Feng Yuan worked as a journalist for 20 years striving to be a voice for gender equality.

In 2000, she cofounded the Anti-Domestic Violence Network (ADVN). With a focus on engaging and educating people across disciplines, ADVN works to change the Chinese public’s view of domestic violence (DV), while advocating for stronger laws to protect victims.

Jeff Zhou (CIWF) – Can China’s Farms be ethical?

Saturday, July 25th, 2015 @ 7 pm
Location: Swagat Indian

Restaurant address: Rm. 127, Guanghua Lu SOHO, 22 Guanghua Lu


Event description:

Since 2007 Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has pioneered a unique program of engagement with the world’s leading food businesses. CIWF’s partnership aims to put farm animal welfare at the heart of the industry and to raise the baseline standards of welfare in food production systems.
CIWF believes in collaboration and a solutions-led approach, developing relationships that are based on trust, mutual benefit and reward for progress.
They offer strategic advice and technical support for the development, implementation and communication of higher welfare systems.
Jeff will be talking about the how China’s farms can be ethical.

Speaker’s Bio:
Jeff Zhou has represented Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) in China since 2008. Since working at CIWF he has organized several workshops and conferences on animal welfare, and has worked with a variety of organizations and individuals to promote animal welfare legislation.
Jeff regularly gives educational lectures to undergraduates and producers to help raise public awareness about animal welfare, and actively seeks ways to work with governmental departments and research centers to promote welfare-friendly agricultural practices.
More recently Jeff successfully developed the connection between the ‘International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare’, (ICCAW) and Compassion in World Farming in China.