BCD – Predator Turned Prey: Saving Asia’s Snow Leopard

Date: Saturday, March 17th, 2018
Time: 7 PM
Location: 天厨妙香素食馆(朝外店)
Address: 朝阳区 朝阳门外大街乙6号 朝外SOHO大厦D座2层-0260号 朝外SOHO全部店铺
Tian Chu Miao Xiang Vegetarian Restaurant (towards the shop)
Address: Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District, Avenue B on the 6th outside the SOHO Building, 2nd Floor, Block D-0260, SOHO all the stores

RSVP: https://yoopay.cn/event/snowleopard


The snow leopard is a majestic animal spread throughout the high altitude mountains and plateaus of Central and Western Asia. The mountain landscapes that are home to the snow leopards and their prey are increasingly subject to human pressures. Humans are at the centre of major threats to the species, including retaliatory killings, livestock rearing, contribution to loss of prey, and the increasing penetration of development projects into snow leopard areas.

This talk will discuss what we know about the big cat and how we can protect them from extinction. Initiated in 2008, the Snow Leopard Trust’s long-term comprehensive ecological study of snow leopards addresses critical gaps in knowledge ranging from home range assessments to basic population parameters such as predation patterns and juvenile dispersal. On the basis of these findings, we consider protective measures at the local scale that would benefit snow leopards.

About the speaker:
Justine is a conservation scientist with a strong interest in snow leopard conservation. She has been actively involved in snow leopard research and conservation since 2011. Justine works for the Snow Leopard Trust as a Regional Ecologist assisting various capacity building, research and conservation programs. Prior to that, she completed her PhD on snow leopard conservation in China at the Beijing Forestry University (in collaboration with Oxford University) and has been involved in survey design methods, capacity building of national institutions for large felid conservation and working on educational awareness initiatives in Beijing.

Email : justine@snowleopard.org
Twitter : https://twitter.com/SnowLeopardHope
Website : www.snowleopard.org

About the organization:
The Snow Leopard Trust works to protect the snow leopard and its habitat in 12 countries of Central Asia.
The trust aims to better understand the endangered snow leopard, and to protect the cat in partnership with the communities that share its habitat.

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