BCD Speaker Series – Exploited women: How hope can be restored through socially responsible business

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2015

Location: 一坐一忘丽江主题餐厅(三里屯店<http://www.dianping.com/shop/1906357朝阳区 三里屯北小街1号(德国使馆 /婕妮路超市/)

Yi Zuo Yi Wang Lijiang-themed Restaurant (Sanlitun branch), Chaoyang District, Sanlitun Bei Xiao Jie 1 (next to the German Embassy and Jenny Lou’s)

Reservations under: Lin 林

Can exploited women get out of the cycle of exploitation? What is it like in China for these women and what can be done? How is their story different from stories of other women in different countries?

Join Becca Bunch, the Communications Director of Starfish Project, this Saturday night to hear about the transformations and challenges that women in China have faced and what they have done to restore hope.

About the speaker: Becca Bunch is the Communications Director of Starfish Project, a social enterprise dedicated to restoring hope to exploited women in Asia. Becca graduated from Bethel College with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology.

About the organization: The Starfish Project is a socially responsible business, which designs, manufactures, and sells jewelry, which provides alternative employment for women who have been trapped in exploitation. After successfully developing the business model and holistic care program, Starfish Project is expanding into other cities in order to help even more women. As of 2013, the Project now operates and offers employment and care to exploited women in 3 different cities in Asia. Starfish Project is committed to restoring hope for each woman who enters its doors.

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