Xiaojie Qin – The taboo of depression and bi-polar disorder in China

Community Dinners Speaker series presents Xiaojie Qin – The taboo of depression and bi-polar disorder in China.

DATE Saturday, October 31st, 2015
TIME: 7:00 P.M
ADDRESS: 朝阳区 东三里屯东二街中8楼(3.3大厦对面胡同80米) 中8楼(三里屯总店) http://www.dianping.com/shop/507810
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                                                                                                                                                           Event details
The lack of awareness of depression and bi-polar disorder brings much social stigma, as well as insufficient social support to people with such conditions. It is considered to be a very sensitive subject, uncomfortable and even taboo. Xiaojie will be covering the topics of  depression and bi-polar disorder, answering the following questions:
1. What is bi polar disorder?
2. What are the factors related to bi-polar disorder and depression?
3.What are the common interventions available for dealing with it
                                                                                                                                                                   About the Speaker
Xiaojie has been working in the non-profit sector in children focused international NGOs. Currently, she’s leading the function of Monitoring and Evaluation in an INGO for China Program based in Beijing, China. She is a compassionate young lady who has been struggling with mental illness for 10 years. Throughout her experience of dealing with mental illness as a local Beijing resident she found that mental health issues were greatly ignored, and social support and information resources were limited.

About CandleX
CandleX was created on the 1st of April 2015 in Beijing by Xiaojie Qin. CandleX has the overall objective of preventing the general public from developing ental illness and improving conditions for those who are mildly depressed. Using both English (primary) and Chinese (secondary), we aim for creating a community based mental health platform able to provide mental health support to targeted groups (English speaking locals, expats) who are prone to, and/or suffering from mild mental illness, with a focus on depression and bi-polar disorder.

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