3/23/13: Alternatives to Factory Farming in China? – Jeff Zhou, China Representative of Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farming is an NGO which campaigns to end all cruel factory farming practices through undercover investigations exposing the realities of modern intensive farming systems. They have contributed to landmark agreements such as outlawing the barren battery cage for egg-laying hens as well as banning/restricting narrow veal crates and sow stalls across Europe.

CIWF’s work in China includes collaborating with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to draft an animal welfare law for China and campaigning against a British foie gras farm to be set up in China rumoured to employ inhumane practices during production. Jeff Zhou, China representative from Compassion in World Farming, joined us this evening accompanied by a farmer who cooperates with CWF’s programmes locally for a discussion on the challenges of circumventing cruel farming practices when purchasing food and the possibility of feeding the world without factory farming.

Compassion Farming

Find out more: www.ciwf.org.uk


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