Get Involved

Get Involved

As an all-volunteer group, Beijing Community Dinner needs people of goodwill to get involved and help run it.  Most of the jobs take no more than a few hours each month and are a good way to meet other interesting and fun people.

To volunteer, send an email stating which committee you would like to join to:

  • Speaker Committee:  If you have time, energy and/or contacts to help us find excellent speakers, join the Speaker Committee.  We are always looking for speakers, generally from the non-profit community in China, who can give us insight into the important issues in the sector.  Often we have two speakers around a single topic at one dinner, so we can look at the issues from different perspectives.
  • Venue Committee: We are always looking for good, low-cost but high-value sites to host our dinners.  We like to try out the variety of Chinese cuisines that Beijing has to offer.  If you have suggestions or like find these restaurants, we could use your help on the Venue Committee.  We need help identifying good venues and negotiating with the venues to ensure the dinners are delicious and within our price range.
  • Secretariat: With hundreds of people on our email list, communication takes time. If you can spend time helping with this communication, organizing RVSP lists, and other administrative tasks, we could use you in the Secretariat.
  • Crazy Bake salesAt many of our dinners, we sell Crazy Bake bread. These sales are a service to dinner participants and help support Crazy Bake, which is a program involving the mentally ill at their facility just outside of Beijing.   We need volunteers to help with these sales.
  • Website Committee: The website is designed and maintained by volunteers.  If you have some knowledge of WordPress, join our team and help out.

BCD How-to Guide

  • Ensure the speaker/s know the venue and how to get there
  • Put the venue details up on the website and direct BCD members to find it there (this will get people to use the website more)
  • Put RSVPs into an excel sheet, print and tick off names on the night. Note no-shows
  • Order food (keep to approx. 50 RMB per person)
  • Welcome everyone and explain the format of BCD (Rmb100 per person which  includes donation, feel free to donate more if you want).
  • As people are eating have everyone introduce themselves – this is particularly good for the speaker to know who they’re talking to
  • When the speaker has eaten enough welcome the speaker to speak for 10mins, after which we have Q&A.
  • Collect the payments (speakers are invited, don’t pay) during Q&A – you can also collect by marking people off the Excel at the start of the dinner
  • Ensure a photo is taken of the hand-over of donation (as well as two more attractive photos for the website)
  • A brief write up of dinner should be posted with 3 photos on the website by the following Wednesday at the latest

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