Crazy Bake Bread

Crazy Bake Bread

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Great bread for a great cause, Crazy Bake is a unique project started by German and Swiss mental health experts to bring the concept of skills as therapy to a mental health hospital in Beijing. Trained by expert German bakers, the bakers make great Western-style bread (including whole wheat and challah varieties) and pastries.  Since the bread has been enjoyed by many at the Beijing Community Dinners, volunteers sell it at many of the dinners on behalf of Crazy Bake.  The project’s founders have also spoken at our dinners and we have  visited the bakers on several occasions.

Take a look at the busy bakers here are always looking for new customers and can deliver (minimum order 10 loaves). The bread/pastries are ideal for corporate or community events. Write us if you need help contacting Crazy Bake.

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